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In your journey toward financial independence within the confines of your disability, it's good to get assistance from someone who has not only the technical expertise, but the real disability experience.  One without the other is simply not enough.

It's the objective of DisabilityKey to merge this expertise and experience into one comprehensive package designed to help you regain control of your life, your illness, and your future.

Carolyn S. Magura, DisabilityKey author, former Human Resources executive and MS survivor, understands the process and its challenges first hand. 

Message From Carolyn Magura

My name is Carolyn S. Magura,I have been successfully managing Multiple Sclerosis for over 45 years, and was a Human Resources Executive for over 30+ years. I believe that I have been a member in good standing with the Portland Chapter of the NMSS since 1979. (Some might call me a "PERSISTENT" Patient's Advocate member!)

My passion and mission to assist people with disabilities has grown from assisting them better document and corroborate their symptoms to better communicate their symptoms to attain disability insurances for which they qualify, to this full-support website dedicated to assisting people with disabilities in other areas too.

This website contains literally tons of FREE information - 2 blogs, downloadable articles and ebooks. The DisabilityKey Workbook that can be purchased through this website for a minimum purchase price of $9.95. The funds from the sale of this workbook and from the ads on the website go to pay my business partners and webmaster, for managing this website. I do not personally receive compensation. The free downloadable ebooks focus on: "I'm disabled, not unabled" ( ADA and Reasonable Accommodations) for employees; a similar one for Employers; How to document your inability to perform "gainful employment"; an example of a completed RFC/PCE (Residual Functional Capacity/Physical Capacity Evaluation).

My purposes in maintaining and continually updating this website through the blogs and the ebooks are: to assist people who are disabled to become Chronic Disease Self-Managers; to become Expert Patients; and, to partner with their Doctors to benefit from Patient-Centered Health Care.

In addition, I am an active participant on 2 Committees with the Portland MS Chapter, and periodically conduct a well-received and attended 3 hour workshop for people with MS wanting to apply for SSDI. Also, I've recently enhanced my expertise to include: SSI and Medicaid information, and working while receiving SSDI benefits through the "Ticket to Work" program.

My "bona fides" for being able to provide these services are:

1) My personal and professional experiences and expertise qualified me to be able to develop and implement the process depicted in the DisabilityKey Workbook that allowed me to qualify for and receive LTD the first time around, and actually work for full salary, triggering reasonable accommodations for an entire year.

2) This same experience and expertise allowed me to qualify for, and receive SSDI, the first time I applied, in under 30 days.

3) Having completed the Workbook and the website in 2003, I have been an advocate for, and Mentor for Biogen and Answers.com. I offer assistance through various websites. I recently tracked the assistance of my 1,000th person WORLDWIDE, suffering from many different types of disabling conditions. The process, if FOLLOWED, has been successful in the US , Canada, Great Britain, Scotland, Australia, and New Zealand .

4) I recently partnered with Ann Balzel and Kim Southworth from the Portland MS Chapter in becoming Chronic Disease Self-Manager Certified Trainers.

Thank you for taking the time to read this long Bio. I hope I can help you in your fight to be disabled but not unable.

Carolyn S. Magura
Unlocking Your Disability Benefits!.


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