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Reviews & Testimonials

Thank you so much for your clear answer to a complicated question.  -- Teri Stidolph

Thank you Ms Magura for the answer to my question concerning insurance. I appreciate your confirming what I had thought my options were. Thank you also for your thoughtful asking for blessings in our situation. We can use all the help we can get! Thank you again for your kind response and God bless you.   -- Charleen D.

You cleared up my question quite nicely by addressing all the issues in a very timely fashion. I will not waste my time on this issue any more. Thanks again.   -- Anne Cummings

Am especially appreciative of response speed.  Had some prior info about [Carolyn], so her answer was just what I was looking for; even not knowing me as an individual.  -- pik

Wonderful! I am really glad there is some place to turn to such as this. Thanks for all the help.  -- Tracy

Thank you so much for providing that ray of hope. I will compile the necessary information and get ready for the next steps. Again, thank you so much not only for the information, but the timeliness of the response.  -- Beverlee A. Browning

Top of the line answers!  -- John

Thanks so much! (very helpful)  -- Kelly Patterson

Thanks for the great response!  -- La Parka

WOW - personal, caring and helpful information provided right away at a time when I needed it. THANK YOU, Carolyn!  -- John Haelig

Thanks for your help. It has been a frustrating experience. I appreciate your ideas on dealing with insurance companies in the future.  -- Gene

Very knowledgeable in her area & very helpful, including the follow-up. Even asking for on-going help is a great asset for you to have her as a expert in this field.  -- Mike Slee

Thank you for info. I will research as you say.  -- DBass

Thank you very much for the insightful and valuable information.  -- [Anonymous]

This lady was very informative about her area of expertise. I would have to rate her a 10 +++ in every of the above areas. You have no idea how helpful you have been. We were at the point to where we were going in circles with no ending. Again, Carolyn a big thanks & a hug from both of us. May God Bless You !!!   -- Mike Slee

Thanks so much for your timely response. You have provided me with the information I needed in order to consider my options in the future. Thanks again, Carolyn.  -- Linda Brown

Thanks for your help. I have tried most of your suggestions, but there were a few ideas I can still try. I might try contacting my local newspaper about the situation so they can at least alert other unsuspecting people about this Catch-22. I would hate for anyone else to find themselves in this situation because the SSA doesn't tell us about it. I appreciate your quick response. If I ever resolve this successfully, I'll let you know. God bless you for volunteering to help people like me.  -- Jean Schramke

Thank you so much for your timely response. I especially appreciate your offer to assist should I be turned down by SDI. Your information is very helpful and gives me a direction to pursue. Thanks again.  -- Susan Toni Walker

Thanks for a very thorough and helpful answer! -- Karen

I still have a lot of work to do, but the information was very helpful. -- Cynthia Frazier

I couldn't ask for a more comprehensive, cogent answer! Carolyn has a conversational, easily-understood writing style that communicates relevant information splendidly. I now have a plan of action that may very well get me the result I want. I appreciate Carolyn Magura's prompt response and expert advice.  -- Jai

Carolyn, thank you sooo much for responding to my question. I did as you suggested and called the higher up and I am still covered!   -- Roxy Winings

thanks for the detailed help -- marc

Thanks very much for your prompt reply. I love the site and the service that you provide.  -- Judith Hendren

I had a vague question. Carolyn gave me a great answer with the material given. Thanks.  -- Susan K Peterson

thank you, at lease i know where my nose is going. thanks again. -- DK Montell, Irvine CA

Thanks for the thoughtful response. This was very helpful. -- Jim Kvoriak

Carolyn helped focus and direct my efforts. Some of her suggestions I was already doing but it helped to see what the complete picture needs to be... thanks Carolyn.  -- Dwight

Thanks a lot ma'am!  It's great relief to me. You are doing Great work, Keep it Up. Thanks again.  -- Titiyu

Thanks for your reply. I'll try these and proceed from there.  -- Staci

Thanks for a very helpful answer. I'll try your suggestions.  -- Dan J

Your answer was excellent and presented some ideas I had not thought of.   -- Erik Forman

Thank you so very much for your help. We are in the Valley of Decision and having a hard time dealing with this. Your words of advice are very much appreciated. May God Bless you for your dedication of Experts.   -- PATSY MARTIN

Thank you so much.  Very helpful and will check them out. Somewhere to start. Thanks for your concern. -- patty

Thanks for your timely and well researched answer. You have given me some good alternative solutions.  -- Lisa K

Thanks so much for your quick response to my question.  -- Dru Galvan

Thanks Carolyn, that gives me several ideas to try.  -- Ray Hicks

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