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Selecting someone to assist you is a difficult and personal process. You have to be: sure of the personís expertise; confident that the personís advice is relevant, appropriate, and timely; and, you have to feel that you have received value for the price that you have paid for the assistance that you have received. This matrix compares the two traditional disability assistance options with DisabilityKey in four relevant areas: cost, technical expertise, disability expertise and process ease and effectiveness. (i.e., how easy would it be for you to repeat the process yourself, if necessary).

CATEGORY Disability Attorney Advocate DisabilityKey
Cost As much as $400 per hour plus 25% of one yearís benefit on successful first-try award.

Percentage is capped at $4,000.00 if awarded in the appeals/review stages.

Hourly rate varies widely

Some will take 25% of recovery in lieu of hourly (no maximum)

One-time purchase price of $9.95
Professional Expertise Legal/contractual
Some benefits administration specialists
Contractual language
Navigating oceans of forms and red tape
Thorough understanding of employee benefits; thorough understanding of Disability Incomes and Medical Insurance; expertise in negotiating, developing, and administering employee benefit contracts; 35+ years of practical Benefit expertise.
Personal Experience Usually none Usually none Author is clinically disabled and on LTD and SSDI; over 45 years of experience with a disability; first hand understanding of the pitfalls and challenges of the system
Process Ease & Effectiveness

Does the work for you;
Receives information from you then charges you to read it and communicate it back to you;
 Provides no ready access to your documentation making it difficult for you to provide periodic updates as required by  Insurance companies or doctors; you proceed at the pace set by someone with no real stake in speedy resolution.

Same as the attorney.

Fully-editable documents allow you to complete the required forms on your computer or print them out and fill them out by hand; disease-specific examples help you to document your own symptom impact;
easy to update information for Insurance companies or doctors; you set your own pace, subject only to the timelines dictated by the system.



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