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The OverviewKey eBook


Find great tips on getting started with the STD/LTD and SSDI benefits process.  We've included a complete explanation of what you'll need and some of the challenges to expect, a helpful Q&A about disability benefits and many of the forms and guides you'll need to provide to your doctor and the insurance companies to prove your impairment.  While it's a really handy stand-alone, this OverviewKey acts as the warm-up for the for the full version of the DisabilityKey Workbook.

DisabilityKey Workbook eBook


This is the comprehensive workbook designed to get you from start to finish in qualifying for LTD/SSDI benefits.  This workbook includes:

  • OverviewKey

  • PhysicianKey: Help your doctor to help you

  • LTDKey: Securing Long Term Disability Benefits

  • SSDIKey: Qualifying For and Keeping SSDI Benefits

  • Appendix/Document Library, including

  1. Symptom Impairment Matrix

    1. Completed Example

    2. Blank

  2. Before and After Normal Daily Activity Matrix

    1. Completed Example

    2. Blank

  3. PCE/RFC (Physical Capacity Evaluation/Residual Functional Capacity) Detailed Job Description

  4. Disease-Specific Medical History Form

    1. Completed Example

    2. Blank

  5. PCE/RFC explanation letter for your doctor

  6. Blank & Completed example of the PCE/RFC Form

  7. Sample letter to Doctor requesting documentation

  8. Sample letter from a Co-Worker describing your symptom impairments

  9. Sample letter from a Friend describing your symptom impairments

  10. LTD Claim form with sample letter to insurance company




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